YouTube link with time – Link to a specific moment in a YouTube video

I’m pretty sure many of you had this question in your head at least once but never took the time or the effort to find the solution for it: how do I make a YouTube link with time to a video so that when the other clicks on it it will take him to a specific minute or second inside the video?

Actually this is probably one of the easiest things to do and to remember, even more than this, it is based on logic so you shouldn’t forget it too easy.

Before seeing the actual answer, you should know that after you manage to do it, you will have the resource, the link to the video but to a certain minute or/and second inside it. This link can be used anywhere to point users to that specific moment that you want to make available for them (to point out or to underline the best thing of it or to point to something important and so on).

Make a YouTube link with time

1. So let’s take a YouTube link as an example:

This is one of my favorite cartoon moments but we will point to a specific one moment inside it to understand the actual process.

2. Usually, to add the link to a minute or to a second we add a # after the complete link, followed by t= which are the programmed instructions for this kind of action. # probably to point that several parameters will follow and t= to actually specify the fact that additional options for time link will follow. So by now, we have something like this:


3. To continue, after the equal sign, you will have to add something like this:


The final YouTube link with time would be:


01 stands for minutes hence the m after the number

21 stands for seconds hence the s after the number

There are a few more things I would recommend, for example if you will point to a minute or a second which is a smaller number than 10 you should use a 0 before it to cover the missing digit. For example the minute 9 would be 09. This is only for a better practice that might help you with other environments, but the link would work without this format too. If you don’t add the 0 for the “tens place” and you add only the “units place” of a number ( ) it will still work. Both of them will do the same thing, you will just see them different in the link:

Both of the links will take you to the same minute and second but it’s better to learn to use them like this in order to keep track of the actual time format.

Usually, 0s tend to be ignored, but do not underestimate their importance.

P.S: Do check the link with the cartoon, it takes only a few seconds and it’s EPIC. 🙂

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