Yahoo messenger status on website or blog

Some of you might want to be contacted online so you can chat with your clients and visitors, thus making the communication much easier. But how can you make people see whether you are online or not so they don’t get the wrong idea if you don’t reply to them? Simple…just add a yahoo messenger status image on your website or blog that allows them to see if you are online and to start chatting with you just by clicking on it.

Yahoo messenger status on website

To add the status to your website, first you need to open the page where you want to put the icon, in a HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or even Notepad, since it’s not complicated at all. Insert the following code in the body structure, where you want it to appear on the page:

<a href=”ymsgr:sendim?YOUR_ID“>
<img src=”” alt=”” border=”0″/>

The red text in the code can be modified with your settings. Obviously, YOUR_ID must be replaced with your Yahoo messenger ID and the “0” from “t=0” must be replaced with other number if you want to change the status image. You get to choose from 25 images (code: 0-24), presented in the below picture:

Yahoo Messenger Status

Yahoo messenger status on blog

On a blog, the best and easiest way to show a Yahoo messenger status is by inserting the code into the sidebar, as a widget text.

In the WordPress control panel, go to Appearance – Widgets. Look for the text widget and when you find it, drag it on the Sidebar.

And now let’s fill it in…give it a title if you want, like for example “Chat with me!”, then paste the code into the text box and click Save.

That was it! Adding a Yahoo Messenger status on your website or blog might be a very good idea especially if you want to stay connected to your customers and be able to help them right away.

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