Visual Studio 2010 Express – Where from and how to download

Even if this is a pretty easy to reach information, I saw a lot of people having problems in finding a way to get the Visual Studio 2010 Express download package. You will need to download the whole package (ISO image), whether you only need Visual C++ 2010 Express, Visual C# Express or all of them. They don’t come separately as offline installers for offline installation, so you will have to get the whole package.

The way Google and other search engines choose to present information according to their core optimization, along with the periodic changes in their algorithms performed by their administrators cause delayed results for indexing and also headaches for users trying to get the required information from these same search engines. Take all this and add several problems and errors you could encounter while surfing the web, like for example the one caused by the local DNS Client with Microsoft websites from where you are supposed to download the Visual Studio 2010 Express, 404 errors from broken links on different websites and sometimes, even wrong indexed information like accessing a link that in title describes the fact that your problem might be solved there and when you access it, you find a different story. All these obstacles will make one waste a lot of time.

Lucky for you, I also had this problem so I thought I should share it with you people, so you won’t get through the same troubles I did.

As a hint for those of you constantly using software and trying to get new software, by now you know that most of the times when you will type into the search engine “download some-software-name-here” like in our case Visual Studio 2010 Express, or Flash Player as another example and many more, you will get as results some installers that will need to connect to the Internet to download the package and install it automatically, in other words you will get just a shortcut to the actual installation.

This is bad, especially if the workstation or computer of whatever type it is, will not be connected to the Internet, or it is connected through a proxy server that usually blocks or denies such connections.

These are the cases when in fact you would search for an offline installation as most of you call it, which in many cases now it is provided as a software image, like you would have it for a CD or a DVD.

My advice for you all is that in the future, when you are in need of such “offline installations” try to use in the search engine the software name that you are trying to get and after it, for better results, one of these combinations:

ISO image – for software that is part of packages or that you know they are actually a component or part of some other software – this would also be the case for our Visual Studio 2010 Express – a search for “Visual Studio 2010 express ISO image” would give you better and more accurate results that would lead to a link with the actual software for “offline installation”.

Offline installation or Offline installer – for small piece of software, mostly individual software and programs that in common installation mode have different applications to launch or download them and install after they are extracted from the archive. A good example of this would be Flash Player which if downloaded without any offline parameter added to the search, will provide you with a version of it that will connect to the Internet and download and then install the actual software. A good way to download correct offline installers for Flash Player would be to use in the search engines a syntax like “Flash Player offline installation download” or “Flash Player offline installer download”.

Where from to download Visual Studio 2010 Express

For Visual Studio Express 2010 I will provide you with the correct link which you can find below, with the sole remark that you should scroll down until you find “Visual Studio 2010 Express All-In-One ISO”. This is the link for the software image that you will have to access in order to download:

Select “Visual Studio 2010 Express All-In-One ISO” by left clicking it and follow the steps:

Where to download Visual Studio 2010 Express from

Note that a click on “Install Now” button will actually download the image, not install it, as you can see below:

Where to download Visual Studio 2010 Express from - Install

Where to download Visual Studio 2010 Express from - ISO

With all this being said, we have two more things to cover.

First. You should keep in mind that, as you can see from above description of the package, this software is still for evaluation only (30 days) UNTIL you register to obtain a product key so that you can continue to use the software for free.

Second. This image contains all the software components that form Visual Studio package, if you need only one of the components, you will still have to download the whole package and then select for installation just the one you need. There is no separate offline installation package for any of the components that build Visual Studio Express package.

The Visual Studio Express All-in-One ISO contains (on the image file, the separate folder names are formed of the components initials):

Visual Basic 2010 Express (VBExpress)

Visual C++ 2010 Express (VCExpress)

Visual C# Express (VCSExpress)

Visual Web Developer 2010 Express (VWDExpress)

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