Unable to launch the application – Java error

You will face this error when you will try to update the Java version (Virtual Machine) to a newer one, or when you will try to install/re-install the Java Virtual Machine Client. Note that you can install JDK for example (Development Kit) and it will automatically install Java (Virtual Machine) too, if needed and not already present.

The things you can see when you will check on the Details Tab differ, depending on the environments and java versions used, but also on the Applications you are trying to start. In most cases when you will see anything even remotely similar to the screens or error messages below, the solution I will provide should apply and fix the error your encounter too.

The error messages can vary, as you can see:

“ Unable to launch the application ” followed by “ Application error ” or the name of the application unable to open.
“ Java Web Start ” followed by some other details about the error like: “ Launch File error ” or any other parameter which is basically the same error with the same solution in most cases.

The details that you can find in the additional tab next to the “ Launch File ” tab will also differ but they all should have in common a message that says something like: “Java Web Start Error: Unsigned application requesting unrestricted access to system” or “ Unsigned application requesting unrestricted access to the system ” as you can also see in the next print screen pictures:

Unable to launch the application - Java Error

Unable to launch the application - Java more information error

The main culprits behind this are some older Java files, kept as cache on the system, which will trigger one of the above errors.

The same error message will also appear if you try to launch the application from your Java application cache, from Java control panel (Start – settings – control panel – java), then the last section called “Temporary Internet Files” – View – and on the Java Cache Viewer window, if you right click one application in there and select Run (Online – Offline). This is the alternate access method without accessing directly the application via the web interface, to exclude any possible error with the web browsers.


Using a part of the same windows I said you could test the Java cached application we will navigate to this menu:

Unable to launch the application - Java temporary files settings

To display the Java cached applications, you have to select “View” button from Temporary Internet Files instead of the Settings button we will be using in here.

Next thing to do is to select Delete Files button and then confirm the selection of the first two checkboxes (marked also by default): “Trace and log files” and “Cached Applications and Applets”.

Unable to launch the application - Java delete files and applications

Select every OK available to confirm the settings until you close all the windows and then try the faulty Java application again by accessing the web interface (ip or host). It should work now.

If you still encounter the same problem after clearing the Java cache, get the latest Java version; remove all previously installed Java versions (JRE and JDK if any) from add/remove programs, install the latest Java version, and try again.

If still not fixed, (highly unlikely but still…) try to provide me some extra details on your problem or use the Questions and Answers form and I will deal with your particular issue.

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