Text reflection in Corel Draw – How to make a text reflection in Corel Draw?

In this post I will explain how you can make a text reflection in Corel Draw.

Text reflection in Corel Draw

In order to do that just follow the next steps:

Part 1: Text reflection in Corel Draw – Making the text


1. Select the Text Tool from the Toolbar or the fastest way: press F8 to activate it.

2. Click on any part of the canvas and then write anything you like.

3. Choose a thicker font like for example Arial Black and make it bigger by changing its size from the Font Size drop down list on the properties bar.

Change text size in Corel Draw
4. Duplicate the text by either hitting CTRL+C, CTRL+V or the simplest way, by pressing the “+” key on your keyboard.


Part 2: Text reflection in Corel Draw – Making the reflection


5. Drag the duplicated text under the original one. Keep pressing CTRL while dragging it down, if you want to have a straight direction.

6. With the duplicated text selected click on the Mirror vertically button on the Properties bar. And now we have the word mirrored:

Vertical mirrored text in Corel Draw
7. Let’s try now to give it more realistic effect. With the duplicated text selected, go on the Toolbar and select the Transparency Tool just like in the picture:

Transparency tool in Corel Draw
8. From the properties bar of the tool choose Linear Transparency Type.

Linear transparency in Corel Draw
9. The default fading is not how we would like so we’ll gonna have to change that. You will see an arrow with 2 rectangles at both ends, one white and the other black. Move the rectangles as I did in the picture. Remember that if you want a straight direction just press CTRL while dragging. Also, you may want to move the slider between the 2 rectangles for better results.

Text reflection in Corel Draw
Play with the 2 rectangles and slider until you obtain something that pleases you. If you want more details and more examples about the Transparency Tool and how it works check out my article about it.

Also you can add a bit of perspective to the text or the reflected text or both. To do that select the text on which you want to add perspective (in my case it’s the reflected text), go to Effects – Add Perspective and drag the the nodes like in the picture. Hold CTRL as you drag them to move them in a horizontal or vertical direction.

Text reflection with perspective in Corel Draw
Don’t forget to play with the nodes and try to add perspective to both texts, so you can achieve a cool looking text reflection.

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