Syntax to connect to a FTP through Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

The best and fastest way to connect to a FTP server is, even if hard to believe, through your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

More than once you will be in a position where you cannot install a FTP Client even if it would have many more facilities and options. This could be caused by the lack of privileges, security risks or just because you got some errors when trying to install/configure your FTP Clients.

So let’s see the syntax for connecting to a FTP Server:ftp://Your_Ftp_User_Here:Your_Ftp_User’s_Password_Here@host

Note: Host can also be an IP address, if there is no DNS registration available for a certain IP, which could happen sometimes, especially in testing environments, or when you work with someone and this needs to be done fast. The DNS registration would only mean more head-aches, wasted money and many more troubles.

In this guide when I say host, this would be the domain name. We will be using host as it is the common name for account details usually provided by FTP service providers. In other words they will give you a host name most of the times or an IP address instead of a domain name, else we could just say:

ftp://Your_Ftp_User_Here:Your_Ftp_User’s_Password_Here@domain-nameFor example we would have:ftp://PsyCho:Qwerty123@compinfopro.comor


Note that the password and IP address are random and used just for an example.

This would be translated into:

Username: PsyCho

Password: Qwerty123

Host / IP: /

Note: If your FTP user-name contains also the domain-name like for example (some service providers use this method) you would have to embed it into your ftp syntax like this:

ftp://Your_Ftp_User_Here%40domain-name-here:Your_Ftp_User’s_Password_Here@hostIn this example the user-name would be: Your_Ftp_User_Here%40domain-name-hereTo be more explicit here is another better example:

We had to replace @ with %40 which is the ASCII code for @, else we would have a conflict and you would get an error, because the browser/ftp would read the first @ as the end of the user-name part.

One more thing to mention in case you have questions about this, when I say domain name I mean the entire structure with TLD (top-level-domain which could be .com/.net/.org and many more and the name of the domain). For example, for the .com would be the TLD part. So you see, I didn’t split the TLD from the rest of the domain and you will have to understand that the domain-name in my syntax is the full name of the domain.

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