Stripes pattern Photoshop – How to make stripes pattern in Photoshop

Instead of searching the web for a stripes pattern and maybe not finding what you really want why not create your own patterns and use them whenever you like? It’s easy and it takes so little time to make them…

Make the stripes pattern

1. Open a new document:  File – New or press CTRL+N. Give it a wide of 1 pixel and a height of 5 pixels. Zoom in by holding CTRL and press + several times till you get the best view of the document.

Note that the height determines how much space will be between the stripes.

2. Set the foreground and the background colors to the colors that you want to appear in the pattern..for example I filled the background with #359ddd and the foreground with #0433ff, which will be the color of the stripes.

3. Fill in the canvas with the background color the we just set up, by pressing CTRL+BACKSPACE.

4. Activate the Rectangular Marquee Tool or press M. In the Properties bar, change style to fixed size, then set the width and height to 1 pixel, like in the picture:

Stripes pattern Photoshop - Fixed Size

5. On a new layer and with the Rectangular Marquee Tool activated, click at the bottom of the canvas. A dotted rectangle will appear that you must fill in with the stripes color by pressing ALT+BACKSPACE  (in my case, the foreground color is:  #0433ff).

Stripes pattern Photoshop - Horizontal stripe
6. Press CTRL+D to deactivate the dotted rectangle.

7. Now let’s save the pattern by going to Edit – Define Pattern. Give it a name so you will now later on what to use.

So now you have a nice pattern with horizontal stripes. What if you need vertical stripes pattern or diagonal ones?

For vertical stripes follow the same example, only make the document with reversed dimensions, meaning:  5 pixels width and 1 pixel height and draw the stripe on the left edge.

For diagonal stripes, make a square document with for example, 5 pixels width and 5 pixels height, activate the Pencil Tool on the Toolbar or press B and click from a corner to another till you make a diagonal line. Remember to zoom in at maximum so you can see better what you are doing.

Stripes pattern Photoshop - Diagonal stripe

Use the stripes pattern

You can use the stripes pattern in many ways, for example to give a stripes background to a website or to buttons or anything that comes to mind. In my example I will use it to a navigation bar.

1. Open the document where you want to use it or open a new one. Create new layer (Shift+CTRL+N).

2. Activate the Rectangular Marquee Tool by pressing M.

3. On the Properties bar choose Normal style.

4. Drag a rectangular shape for the menu, like in the picture. I will also give it some round corners by going to Select – Modify – Smooth and type 2 in the sample Radius.

5. Now, to fill it with the pattern you just have to activate Paint Bucket Tool on the Toolbar or press G and then on the Properties bar, choose Pattern from the “Set source for fill area” drop down.

6. Near it, to the right you get to pick the pattern. Find the pattern you want and select it.

Stripes pattern Photoshop - Choose pattern

7. Click on the dotted shape and it will be filled with the stripes pattern.

8. Click CTRL+D to get rid of the dotted shape.

You can now add other effects so it looks better. To do that double click on the layer of the navigation bar to enter into the Layer Style mode and if you want, use the settings in the pictures below:

Stripes pattern Photoshop - Drop shadow

Stripes pattern Photoshop - Inner Glow

Stripes pattern Photoshop - Stroke stripes

And the result is:

Stripes Pattern Photoshop

That’s about it. Remember to play with the stripes and their colors and maybe you’ll  achieve one of the best looking stripes pattern out there.

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