Resize image in Photoshop proportionally and at specific dimensions

To better understand what I want to explain in this article, imagine that you have to make a photo gallery in which all the thumbnails should have the same dimensions, for example 400 pixels width and 300

Yahoo messenger status on website or blog

Some of you might want to be contacted online so you can chat with your clients and visitors, thus making the communication much easier. But how can you make people see whether you are online or not

Stripes pattern Photoshop – How to make stripes pattern in Photoshop

Instead of searching the web for a stripes pattern and maybe not finding what you really want why not create your own patterns and use them whenever you like? It’s easy and it takes so little time

Delete printer without log off for user running as administrator

If you read the first part of the title “Delete printer without log off” you would probably say it must be an easy thing to do. The truth? It’s not so simple. Why? First thing, let me

This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae

In this article I will write about one of the errors you are probably going to encounter if you decide to follow the “Path of the Penguin” as I like to call it, when someone gives a chance

Date format in Excel

In this article I will write about date format in Excel, to be more precise: using the available and predefined formats but also how you can make a custom format of the date. Remember that date format

Types of network – PAN, MAN, WLAN, SAN, CAN, DAN

In a previous article I wrote about LAN and WAN, the most important types of network so in this post I will be presenting the other less known types of network that you’ve probably never even heard

LAN and WAN – Definition, properties and differences

If you have been wondering what LAN and WAN mean then you should be warned that after reading this article you will not only know their definition but also their properties and the differences between them so next time

What is LDAP in Active Directory

In order to explain what is LDAP in Active Directory, the role it plays and what it actually does, I will have to first start with a short description of what LDAP is. LDAP LDAP stands for

Back Up Your Bookmarks on Mozilla Firefox

I’m pretty sure that if you are using Mozilla Firefox you’ve managed to collect a few bookmarks (favorites) over the time. Bookmarks are those web sites or addresses that you want to save for later use, if