Lenovo battery not installed – Solution to Lenovo laptop error

Battery not installed is an older error that I’ve met for the first time one year ago and recently I ran into it again. I even forgot for a second what the issue was and how I’ve

Turn off Printer notification balloon in the Windows System Tray

A very annoying thing that happens by default each time you print something (document, office suite files) is this printer notification balloon in the Windows System Tray. Its purpose is to inform you on the current documents sent

Mozilla Firefox crash – Mozilla Firefox not responding to commands

A few months ago I’ve encountered a strange behavior when Mozilla Firefox suddenly started to crash. In other words, I start it, try to do any action, like navigating to properties so I can change a setting, for example

Not enough server storage is available to process this command

The culprit of this error is a small value assigned to the operating system for I/O request packets ( IRP – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I/O_request_packets ). Each operating system has an IRP value by default, for Windows XP it’s 15 in

Windows XP automatic restart. Stuck in a continuous restart loop

This would normally be a very long subject, very detailed and hard to cover, without even mentioning the fact that it would need a lot of documentation as the implications and possible causes to trigger this are

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file

This is a rare error but if you are here it means that the “rare” happened. The full error message looks like this: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the

Delete calendar in Outlook 2007 that has delete option grayed out

I will assume that if you are here, you already checked the official documentation, Microsoft forums and maybe even a few more websites that looked promising but you got no real answer. The same thing happened to

Stop installation / configuration progress when running Office

I know this continuous loop of configuration progress is pretty annoying and the fact that you are reading my article on how to fix it just proves your desire to get rid of it even more. Maybe

No debug output via TELNET. Cisco debug output via telnet/SSH.

This is the presentation of a command that it is very helpful and it should be a must know for any network administrator out there and even for some system administrators, depending how far their responsibilities go

Unable to launch the application – Java error

You will face this error when you will try to update the Java version (Virtual Machine) to a newer one, or when you will try to install/re-install the Java Virtual Machine Client. Note that you can install