Missing Show Desktop icon from your Quick Launch bar

Are you missing Show Desktop icon from your Quick Launch bar ?

The chances are that if you are missing Show Desktop icon from your Quick Launch bar (this bar contains some small icons as shortcuts and it’s placed on your bottom left side near start button) that some files got corrupted or you deleted it by mistake.

I won’t get into details about how or when this happens, because there are so many possible causes that it will take some time to list them¬† and it won’t fix your problem either.

How to bring it back? Simple, just follow the steps below:

1. open a notepad, the fast way would be to start – run – type: notepad and press enter.

2. in the new file copy/paste this text:[Shell]

3. save this file as “Show desktop.scf” without the quotes.

You should have this in your notepad file before saving:
Missing Show Desktop icon from Quick Launch bar

4. after you save the file, you have to copy it to C:\Documents and Settings\Your_Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch.

The fast way to reach this without browsing each folder is to go to start – run and type this “%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch” without the quotes, paste the file here and now it will display your Quick Launch bar.

Missing Show Desktop icon from your Quick Launch bar is one of the worst small problems you can encounter with a computer, due to the fact that this small Show Desktop icon can help you a lot.

Imagine each time you have to for example troubleshoot a computer, and you see tons and tons of windows opened, as some people like to “work”, to begin the process and deal with the real problem you will have to use this Show Desktop icon just to go “home” and have a starting point when you are lost. Each time you want to do something on your desktop, or for some reason just skip all windows and programs opened, this is your shortcut, your “Home”, your SAVE button.

Well, it helped me a lot, and I hope it will do the same for you, along with this quick fix in order to get your Show Desktop icon back to you or to your users, because this is a troubleshoot guide you can even teach to a non-technical user how to fix it, when let’s say he is to a remote location and he needs this icon.

The better way would be if he actually has some kind of Internet Connection so you can send him the code and just guide him with the rest of the instructions, but it works too if you do it for him by ONLY sending him the file and telling where to copy it, or just by copying it to the above mentioned location, and the combinations are more than I can list in here.

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