Lenovo battery not installed – Solution to Lenovo laptop error

Battery not installed is an older error that I’ve met for the first time one year ago and recently I ran into it again. I even forgot for a second what the issue was and how I’ve fixed it but shortly remembered as soon as I checked my control panel – add/remove programs and saw something strange which actually looked like a corrupted installation of Lenovo Power Management Drivers.

What does this error actually do?

Well, as you can see below, it blocks or better say refuses to provide details on the status of the battery, health check and many others if you would go for the details. It will only say: “Battery not installed” as soon as you scroll your mouse over it in the taskbar, and if you try and select it to go for the details nothing better will happen. The software installed will still confirm the fact that “the battery is not installed”.

Lenovo battery not installed

I still lack the details to tell you why this happens and the weird thing is that there are a bunch of elements that can trigger this error, and sometimes it’s real and it addresses a hardware malfunction (like battery not correctly installed) while other times it is just addressing a software issue, which could be wrong driver or bad Power Manager version.

This is the Power Manager version I had installed when the error was still displaying:

Lenovo battery not installed - Lenovo power manager

For me, the issue was that I had the software problem and what actually happened was that I installed some incorrect version of the Power Manager plus the Power management drivers which didn’t apply to my laptop model (T430).

How did it look in control panel? Well, if you have such an issue there should be something related to Thinkpad Power Manager and/or Lenovo Power Management Driver as you can see below:

Lenovo battery not installed - Lenovo power management driver


Lenovo battery not installed - Thinkpad remove programs


I uninstalled both of them, while the Lenovo Power Management Driver also asked for a restart. Let him do it. Do keep in mind that you will have the software issue, meaning the wrong drivers or power manager only if you already installed something like this, any of them or you just used an image that already had the wrong drivers/software. If this isn’t the case, I would try to consider some possible hardware errors too, like the incorrect placement of the battery.

After I uninstalled both pieces of software from control panel, (Thinkpad Power Manager and Lenovo Power Management Driver) I rebooted the computer as asked and then I installed a newer version of the Thinkpad Power Manager from Lenovo website:


After you access the page, find your computer model. Follow the steps until you are pointed to the download section where you could try the latest Power Manager version. You don’t need the Power Management drivers as Power Manager includes them. I also encourage you to try the latest version of the Power Manager, it should work, but I didn’t have the time to test it again so I used the last one that worked for me, which is a bit older.

You can find it in here: Lenovo Power Manager for Windows XP

You can also find a text file which has details on each model that this Power Manager version applies too so that you don’t download if it doesn’t match: Power Manager for Windows XP

If the Power Manager asks for a reboot, let him do it and as soon as your computer rebooted it should work and you should see Battery installed. One more thing, if by any chance you used the latest version and it didn’t work after reboot, and you still see the Battery not installed error message, uninstall this version and try mine by the same steps. This is also available backwards so in case you installed mine and it didn’t work try the latest from Lenovo website.

My version was tested on multiple T430 computers, but I also found some comments on Lenovo forums which said the Power Manager didn’t work, and at the time the comments were made the version I used was the latest. This makes me believe it might not work for some of you and you should try Lenovo’s latest driver.

Lenovo battery not installed - Lenovo battery fully charged

The version I used can be found by opening Power Manager: Start – Programs – ThinkVantage – PowerManager. In the window that opens, left click the question mark located in your upper right section. From the dropdown menu that appears after you click the question mark, select “About Power Manager”.

By the end of 2012 one of the latest and good versions of Power Manager was the one below:

Lenovo battery not installed - About power manager lenovo

Lenovo battery not installed - Think Lenovo power manager

Now, do not think if it worked for me, it will also work for you, but most of the problems on the web related to this error are caused by the same wrong driver so I said I should share it, maybe it helps at least some of you.

For those that for some reason the above failed you will have to recheck some basic settings to make sure it is not related to a hardware malfunction.

1. Shutdown and unplug your computer.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Make sure it is not connected to a charger and press ON/OFF button a few times to make any power leftover disappear.

4. Connect the battery and make sure it has no protection, plastic cover or whatever else that might cause it not to connect the PINs fair.

5. Connect the power charger and start the computer; test it and see if it works and it is displayed right in your Power Manager.

After these steps, it might work if it was a connection problem, but the battery can still be broken or faulty. No real way to test that unless you have another computer or battery of the same kind. If you do have such a possibility, just change batteries or computers and see if you get the same results.

If the computer is new, there are very less chances for the battery to be already broken and if so, you can return it from where you bought it in the first place and they should test and replace it, if this was the case.

What I advise you before you do that is to try again and check for anything in your control panel – add/remove programs related to Power Manager or Power Management and remove them all. Reboot your computer. Get the above driver I provided and see if it worked. If not, do the same steps one last time but try with Lenovo latest driver.

I am sure there will be a pretty decent number of those of you that can’t fix their issue with the above provided solution due to a number of factors but I am willing to help you out. Just tell me your computer name and operating system. Maybe we can fix it together.

The best of luck, to all of you: users of Lenovo.

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