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Hello World,

This would be my first post on my new Computer guides and tutorials blog regarding IT software & hardware issues along with a wide variety of news, stories, jokes and details about IT&C domain. We will be trying to focus a large number of IT tweaks guides news and so we will be more than happy if any of our readers will provide us with feedback on the way on what did or didn’t work. We offer our knowledge in investigating things you might encounter problems at, and also we want you to give us details if any of the solutions provided didn’t work so we can test and update it according to your story.

Everything we add to this “Computer guides and tutorials – IT library blog” as I would like to call it, is tested in a live environment, and with this I hope I got your attention so that you will at least try some of them and see that we also do the “walk to walk” not only the “talk to talk”.

I hope to keep you informed and for you to find that “something” that can help you when you are in need. Of course, I don’t wish for any of you to have problems so that you can use the solutions provided in here, but,  if you do,  give them a try and you will be more than  happy to see they really work compared to some other “should work” ones.

There is however a good part too for any of these problems (if they do appear) and this is that you will learn new things that might help you later on in your career, at home or even if just to impress (or bore) a friend or your future girlfriend. 🙂

If you like anything that implies integrated circuits & electricity this is for sure your spot too and I don’t mind to share. Any ideas or replies to already existing posts are welcomed and I would be more than happy to exchange experience and to embrace constructive remarks against/about what I write as long as it can improve the quality of the articles in here or it can bring a feedback that would fix any error/flaw in what I post.

The  main objective of this IT Library blog is to gather as much information about IT&C domain as possible, with a little focus on Computer guides and tutorials  which imply a lot of things like: errors, problems, ways to fix it, news  and many more.

When I say Computer guides and tutorials I’m not talking only about the actual computer that we all know but also about some other devices that act like one, for example switches, routers and other devices that use memory, power, processors and storage drives in order to function.

With all this being said, I hope I got your attention and you will be armed with enough curiosity to read my articles.


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