Error performing inpage operation

As you may have noticed, this error message doesn’t help much in pointing out what is actually wrong with your storage media. Most likely, you will get this message when your storage media files get corrupted or the disk is malfunctioning.

You have to know that this is a follow up to this article: because if you get the error message in question when you are trying to access an USB stick or an external disk drive then something went wrong during the previous use of this device.

There is a slight chance that you won’t need to go through the process of recovering data from it as written in the article I mentioned. You may ask why. Well, the thing is that if you get this error message: “error performing inpage operation” when trying to access it, it means Windows can still read data on it only there are some corrupted or broken files.

Along with the denial of access to your files on the disk drive, you will also see some slow performance issue when the device is connected to your system.


In order to fix it, just open a command prompt window by going to Start – Run – and typing “cmd” without the quotes.

In this command prompt window use the following command:

chkdsk L: /R

Note that L: is the letter assigned by the system to your disk drive. If you can’t locate it in your windows explorer or in “My computer”, open up disk management section from Start – Run – type in “compmgmt.msc” without the quotes and try to locate it there.

Now, if there were some bad files or faulty allocated space or any issue that might be software fixed, the Windows scan disk will fix it for you without losing the files on it. It is a 5 step procedure and you will see the output in the same command prompt where you used the command and when it finishes, it will provide a summary and what it found/fixed.

If this fails, you might need to actually read my previous article: and try to follow some of the steps in order to recover files before you format it, which is actually another more brutal approach.

Note that as long as this disk is connected to your system and before you issue the scan disk (chkdsk) on it, if you right click it and select properties, under file system you should see a “RAW” type.

I would also recommend taking notice that if you get this error when there is a directly connected device like a HDD and you are not using an external HDD, this might not apply to you. You can however try the scan disk (chkdsk) but it might also ask for a reboot as the OS might lock some of the files on it which means that the actual scandisk will be performed after you restart and as soon as it boots.

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