Error 5000 – Processing is in motion. This function cannot be executed.

The message – Error 5000 : Processing is in motion. This function cannot be executed – indicates that the action you are trying to finish, in most cases changing something in printer configuration and trying to save/submit it, won’t work due to the fact that the printer is busy with another action.

This error is specific to a variety of Sharp Printers, and I can offer you as examples the MX-M363U and MX-2300N.

There are special cases when this message can be encountered when somebody is using the printer, a job is processed or the printer is in standby mode. In such cases, the error code 5000 might also be different, but not always and if so, it will show another code and then you only have to wait.

In my case as most of the times, the error appeared when I was trying to save a new configuration after doing a few changes. When I clicked “Submit” on the printer web administration page, guess what error appeared? The one and only: “ERROR[5000]: Processing is in motion. This function cannot be executed”.


This error is not documented in the manual so if you searched for it, you just wasted your time. As for rebooting the machines from the web administration interface, it won’t work in most cases, but you can try it if the printer is situated to another location and you are not close to it.

If you are close to it, I recommend you to just change the mode from “Print” or whatever mode selected to “Copy” for example. In certain cases, when Sharp printers are set to other modes than “Copy” any future configuration changes will be locked until you change the operating mode. As soon as you will hit “Submit” again, you will notice you won’t have any other error and the modifications are saved.

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