Dotted curved line in Photoshop – How to make a dotted curved line in Photoshop?

In this article I will show you how to make a dotted curved line in Photoshop, just like in this picture:

Photoshop dotted curved line

In order to obtain this, follow the next steps:

Part 1: Dotted curved line in Photoshop – Make the curved line.


1. First, let’s make the curved line. Select Pen Tool from the Toolbar (easiest way is by pressing “P”) and make sure that on the properties bar you select “Paths” button.

Pen tool paths
2. Trace a shape like in the picture below (I assume you already know how to do that wih the Pen Tool).

Path curved line
3. Click on the Paths tab near Layers and double click on the path that appeared. Give it a name, I will name mine “curve”.

Curved line path

Part 2: Dotted curved line in Photoshop – Make the brush


4. Time to make the brush. Select Brush tool from Toolbar or press “B”, then go to Window – Brush or just press F5 and select a hard round brush from Brush Tip Shape.

Make new brush
5. Modify the spacing and put it to…let’s say 130%.

6. Go to the little icon named “Create new brush” at the bottom of the window, click it and give a name to your new brush. Hit OK

Save new brush

7. Create a new layer in the layer tab by clicking on the little icon at the bottom named “Create a new layer”. Faster way to press “Shift+Ctrl+N

8. Go to Paths tab and right click on the path created and choose stroke path, then select brush from the drop down list and hit OK. And here is the result:

Photoshop dotted curved line
Since you saved the brush, when you need to make another dotted curved line or shape, just click Brush or B and then click the Brush Preset Picker from the Properties bar and choose the Brush you want (the last saved ones are at the bottom of the list). Then go to paths tab, right click the path, hit stroke and then choose Brush. The line will take the shape of the brush you last selected.

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