Create watermark in Power Point with logo and name

Some of you might want to create watermark with the logo of your company or website and its name so you can inform the others about the real owner who has full rights over some documents or pictures.

Since not all of you have Photoshop installed or other similar program, I thought it would be useful to show you how you can create watermark image in Power Point so you can easily insert it on pages, in Word for example.

Create watermark

1. Open Power Point. It will automatically display a slide with title and subtitle. To select both of them, drag a rectangle so that it contains the two elements. Press Del to erase them, result: a blank page.

2. Let’s insert the logo. I suggest you make the watermark in gray scale because if you make it colored it’s possible to interfere with the reading. But of course, you can leave it like it is. I will also adjust the opacity so that I won’t have to set the watermark in Word on washout which can give it a not-so-great look. How do you all that? Well, just follow the next steps:

3. Go to Insert tab, on the Illustrations group click shapes and choose a Rectangle. Draw the rectangle as big as you want to appear the logo.

4. Go to Format tab and on the Shape Styles group, click on Shape Fill and from the list choose No Fill.

Create watermark in Power Point with logo and name - No fill

5. Put the cursor on the edge of the shape till a little cross appears then right click. From the menu that appeared choose Format Shape.

6. Click on Fill, then select Picture or Texture Fill. Click on File and then select your logo image from your computer. You will see your logo appearing inside the shape. Drag the slide from Transparency to the right or enter a value, for instance 70%.

7. Go to Picture, click on the button next to Recolor. Choose Grayscale from the Color Modes. Click close. You can resize the image if you don’t like how it looks by holding Shift and dragging one of the corners node.

Create watermark in Power Point with logo and name - No fill

8. Now let’s get rid of the shape outline. Go to Format, click Shape Outline on the Shape Styles group and choose no outline.

9. Now we have to write the text. Go to Insert tab, click on the Text Box on the text group. Click on the slide and type in your text. Make it bigger: go to Home tab, and choose larger font from the font group and change the color so it resembles the grey from the logo.

10. To center the elements select one, then go to Format from the Picture Tools and in the Arrange group you will see an align option. Click it and select Align Center.

If you want them to be displayed diagonally, click on an element, for example the logo. You will notice a green circle on top. Put the mouse cursor on it and you will see it transform into a rotated arrow.  Click on it and drag until you make it rotate as much as you wish. Do the same for the text. Note that you can do this in Word too by activating the header (double click on the header of the page) and then click on the watermark. Now you can resize it or rotate it in the same way as in Power Point.

11. Select both of the elements, then right click on them and choose Save as Picture. Give your watermark a name and then save it.

Create watermark in Power Point with logo and name

12. Now go to Word, Page Layout, click Watermark on the Page Background group, choose custom watermark, select Picture and  then select the picture you just made in Power Point. Uncheck the washout box. Adjust the size of the watermark from Scale option, if you don’t like the actual size.

If you don’t have a logo you can replace it with a simple shape. You have plenty of shapes to choose from in Power Point.

If you want to know more about watermark in Word and how to setup one according to your needs, check out my article: Watermark in Word – Add watermark on certain pages, edit or remove it.

That’s all, if you need help to create watermark in Power Point don’t hesitate to ask me and I would be happy to help you. In the future, I will also write a tutorial on how to create watermark in Photoshop.

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