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Word spell check not working – Word and Outlook 2007 spell check not working

The issue of – Word spell check not working – doesn’t have enough documentation or case studies as it can happen on a daily basis, a few times a day or permanent. The way it acts is

YouTube link with time – Link to a specific moment in a YouTube video

I’m pretty sure many of you had this question in your head at least once but never took the time or the effort to find the solution for it: how do I make a YouTube link with

Make table of contents in Word using heading styles

When you have a rather big document with chapters and sub-chapters I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste time by making a big table of contents manually. So to make it easier for you I will show you how to make

Create watermark in Power Point with logo and name

Some of you might want to create watermark with the logo of your company or website and its name so you can inform the others about the real owner who has full rights over some documents or

Watermark in Word – Add watermark on certain pages, edit or remove it

Inserting watermark on pages or pictures is sometimes very useful, especially if you want to protect them against theft. When using for example, a certain logo or name of the owner, the watermark  informs the others that

Visual Studio 2010 Express – Where from and how to download

Even if this is a pretty easy to reach information, I saw a lot of people having problems in finding a way to get the Visual Studio 2010 Express download package. You will need to download the

Date format in Excel

In this article I will write about date format in Excel, to be more precise: using the available and predefined formats but also how you can make a custom format of the date. Remember that date format

Back Up Your Bookmarks on Mozilla Firefox

I’m pretty sure that if you are using Mozilla Firefox you’ve managed to collect a few bookmarks (favorites) over the time. Bookmarks are those web sites or addresses that you want to save for later use, if

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

When you are trying to install a new theme that you found on the Internet by uploading it on your WordPress blog , an error may appear with the message: “The package could not be installed. The

IT jokes – Computer jokes

Even if you are IT freaks, I think many of you still have some sense of humor, unlike some grumpy ones out there. I thought it would be nice if I would share with you guys some