Cannot open popup window from Oracle application

I’ve encountered a strange problem these days when trying to troubleshoot an Oracle application issue, Internet is full of such errors but the traditional solutions never seem to work.

The issue presents itself by a link or a button that you have to click at a certain time in order to continue to another step, but nothing opens when you do that. Depending on the Oracle application you are using, it might be an application that works with databases or an application you are using in order to check/process payments. Using Internet Explorer, you will notice that the option to “View output” refuses to respond, it won’t do anything.

As I said, sooner or later, you will have to use a link or a button to continue to another step. In most cases, it will be a button/option called “View output” and when you will use it, nothing will happen, nothing will open up. I’ve tried several things in order to fix this as I’ve initially suspected it was a popup block issue but nothing seemed to do the trick.

Most of the reports and troubleshooting regarding this problem are related to security level which you will have to lower from Internet Options in order to check. I would also recommend deleting browser cache and using reset Internet Explorer settings to factory default (from advanced options). Trying to add exceptions in security didn’t work either.

Re-installing Internet browser or creating a new profile won’t help either.
The issue is still something related to the popup system blocker embedded inside the Internet Explorer but no matter how much you will modify, add exceptions, change settings, it won’t work.

SOLUTION – Cannot open popup window from Oracle application

The solution, which is in fact more like a workaround for now, is to press the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking the button/link to “View output”. Sometimes it doesn’t work with the first try and that means you pressed the CTRL key too early or it wasn’t pressed when you clicked the option. Try again. Pressing the CTRL key while clicking on a link/button will bypass/override the popup blocker and you should be able to open the window. However, I can’t help you with a permanent solution to this for now, but I will dig more. This doesn’t really look like a security risk but more like a setting or option that went bad.

Also you should know that the same thing might apply to different other such steps with different buttons or options that refuse to open while using Oracle. The fact that the option that is not working is not “View output” doesn’t mean this won’t work. You should still try it.

Note that this doesn’t work for Internet Explorer versions for Windows 7 and later. At best, it might work for Internet Explorer releases (7,8 and earlier) that run on Windows XP.

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