Binary Hex Conversion – How to convert Binary to Hex

Binary Hex Conversion is the same thing as the Hex Binary Conversion, just that you will do it backwards. You will know you have a binary number, 4 bits, which must give a hex number. You will add the numbers corresponding to the true (marked with 1) values and you will get the Hex number.

Binary to Hex Conversion

Let’s say we have a number of 0101. Add this to the table and add the representing values.

Binary to Hex Conversion

So we have a 0 from the 8, a 4 from the 4, 0 from 2, and 1 from 1, which is 0+4+0+1 and we get a 5 in hex.

I hope I made myself understood, it is quite simple so I won’t explain every action, I do count a lot on your spirit of observation and the basics which are what we did until now as conversions.

Hex to Decimal and Decimal to Hex Conversions

Nothing much I can add in here, you either convert from Hex to binary and from binary to decimal, or from decimal to binary and from binary to hex. There is no straight road in this matter, only some shortcuts you must find by yourselves by practicing more.

You can team up the two tables and learn them all or use logic and understand them as they are, which is actually more simple.


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