My name is Stefan Cristian Hromei and I live in Bucharest, Romania.

My main nickname on the Internet is bitpsychobyte that was picked based Stefan-Cristian Hromeion the chaos that follows a broadcast storm, with bytes traveling all over the network, hence the chaos and the psycho name.

One of the few things I like in life are computers, and not just the classic ones, but anything that works on the same principle. This is true if we talk about a computer, laptop or about a router or a switch and many of the devices running on electricity today. The industry evolved in such a way that we have devices like phones with micro-processors, some of them running close to the performance of today’s computers. We also have TVs for example along with other of today’s devices designed to use network and in some cases even Internet.

As you may already  know,  many of the technical devices on the market use today the same parts that classic computers are using too like micro-processors, memory, power supply in some cases and other integrated circuits along with different facility modules, depending on what each device serves for.

Each such case is interesting and I love to put my hands on each piece of technology I could reach and if you are sharing my ideas or part of them I am more than sure you will find at least interesting some of the articles presented on this IT library blog.

I got interested in this domain long time ago, starting like most of the computer freaks out there with games and troubleshooting them when some failed to work. Doing this on a daily basis like a computer freak got me my first job as an IT engineer for a small company.

10 years later after working in a decent number of companies who have helped me in developing my skills, I still work in the same domain as a Network Administrator for a multinational company but with a lot more experience and resources to troubleshoot a lot of problems in different IT sub-domains, like networking and system administration which are my favorite, but also others that I had the pleasure to interact with and helped me nourish my hunger for knowledge.

I’m still working in enlarging my skills but while doing this I thought I should share some of the knowledge I had to gain in the last years, because there were times when I was searching solutions or ideas for some of the problems I met and yet no answer from the Internet worked or were incomplete. That’s why I’m planning to do such an IT library and IT blog of computer guides and tutorials that will try to cover as many as possible from today’s problems and errors, most of them tested in live environments and not just written from manuals or how it should work.

 Also, you will notice that there are some articles written by my girlfriend Meve, who has a passion for graphic and web design, so she’ll be sharing some info too.

With this being said I invite you all to join me and help me with any advice or ideas on how to make this IT library more useful and what subjects would you add or you would be interested in. I’m also offering my services, in case any of you have a real problem that I could help with, I’m willing  to answer via the Questions and Answers Module available on the main page if you can’t find such a subject already published.

I will also be thankful for your replies if you will find any of our articles interesting or if you have critics which can be helpful too sometimes.


Stefan Cristian Hromei.