TCP/IP Archive

Network Address Translation – NAT

Such service can be used to translate private IP addresses on private LANs to public IPs, by so having access to different resources on the Internet, depending on the case. NAT allows a host using a private

Subnet Mask – Default Gateway – DNS

Subnet Mask As I wrote in a past article, an IP address has a network and a host portion. We also discussed about the fact that a network prefix tells us how many bits in the address

IP and MAC addresses – layer 2 and 3 addressing

IP addresses An IP address is a 32 bit unique address on the network that identifies a networking device or interface at layer 3. For us is more easy to remember and use an address in the

Addressing on the network – ARP process

We have at least three layers on the network that use identifiers to trace or point to the correct location for a packet sent on the network. In our journey to discover and learn more about them,