This should be a very basic subject and probably most of you already know how to do this but just to make sure, I will cover it too.

If you don’t have access to reset it from within BIOS menu, there are two ways to do it.

I won’t cover resetting BIOS if you managed to enter to BIOS menu as that’s pretty obvious how to do it.

We will focus on doing a BIOS reset when you don’t have access to it like for example if you don’t know/remember the password or if you can’t get inside BIOS menu anymore (pressing BIOS normal key doesn’t do anything, for example F1/F2/F10/Delete and normal BIOS menu keys don’t respond).

Solution 1 – reset BIOS

The first way is to have the computer shut down. Remove the power cord from the power supply or use the off button if the power supply has one. Then open the case and locate the rounded BIOS battery on the motherboard and press with something on the margin that will make it pop it up. It’s pretty simple to understand how to remove it if you see it.

How to reset BIOS

Press the power button a few times to unload any energy left within circuits. Just to make sure you dont’t exaggerate with the unload of energy, 4-5 times should be enough and if you can wait 10-15 seconds more, then you can put the BIOS battery back on the socket.

Attach the power cord and power up the PC. It should let you know that the BIOS was changed and you should configure time and stuff like that, just follow the steps.

The same principle applies to laptops too but they are more difficult to open, you should consult the manual for your specific model that can be found on your laptop’s manufacturer site. Make sure the computer is still turned off with no power plugged in, that means remove the power cable if you didn’t do it already and then remove the battery.

Solution 2 -reset BIOS

The second solution is a little more tricky and doesn’t always apply as not all motherboards have this option.

First turn off your computer and remove the power cord from the power supply or use the off button if the power supply has one.

Some motherboards have a place usually near CMOS/BIOS battery with a jumper and a 3-PIN socket. You might see next to it something like CMOS, CLEAR, CLR, CLEAR CMOS, PSSWRD or any combination of these. The jumper will be placed on 2 of the PINs.

Remove the jumper and put it on the other two PINs. For example: if it was placed on 1-2 you will put it on 2-3. Press and hold the power button for around 15 seconds. Now return the jumper to its original location, in our example would be 1-2 pin.

Attach the power cord and power up the computer. You should see some warning about BIOS and something about date and time not configured but this only means you’ve done it and you have to check BIOS settings and change anything you don’t like at the current configuration.

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