So you just noticed you are Missing Additional Account Info Tab in Active Directory Users and Computers and it would be nice to have it back to see those extra helpful details about users. Don’t worry!

Windows 2003 Resource Kit has a hidden .dll file called Acctinfo.dll that will imply one or two more actions after installing the package in order to see Additional Account Info Tab for  username in AD Users and Computers.

Additional Account Info Tab in Active Directory
If you already have Windows 2003 Resource Kit installed, follow the steps:

1. open a command prompt window by clicking start—>run and then write cmd and hit enter
2. in the command prompt window that appeared write the following command:

regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\acctinfo.dll 

3. re-open Active Directory Users and Computers if you had it opened and you should see the new Additional Account Info installed tab.

If you don’t have Windows 2003 Resource Kit already installed, you can download it from here: .

You can also just download the required .dll file, by clicking on this link.

NOTE: If you download it manually you will have to keep in mind two things. First, when you use the command to register the .dll file you will have to change the path in the command to the file’s location.

For example, if you copy the extracted .dll file to C: you will have the following command:

regsvr32 C:\acctinfo.dll 

Second thing to remember, if you do it manually, this will only work for the computer you are doing the action. If you want to see the Additional Account Info tab on another computer, you will have to repeat one of the actions mentioned above.

As a last reminder, the Additional Account Info tab contains user additional account information that you will need more than you think, not being available by default in Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, like the date when the user’s password was last set, the user’s password expiry date, the date and time when a user last logged on and off, the user’s SID, GUID and more. If you are a decent System Administrator, you need this tab too and your time won’t be lost.

See ? It wasn’t hard at all, but sometimes small hidden or unknown steps can help you get new features, for example, with the help of this guide you can now view a user’s Additional Account Info which will prove to be a nice “tool” for a system administrator or an IT support engineer.

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