Cannot import calendar entry (.vcs or .ics file) in Microsoft Outlook 2007? I guess you are here because when you are trying to do it you get the following error message: “You cannot use Internet Calendars. Your system administrator has turned off the feature.”.

Nothing more easy. In order to fix it, just follow one of below solutions which are in fact the same thing but on a different approach:

Solution 1

1. Open a command prompt window (start – run – cmd) and type the bolded line below or just paste it. In command prompt it doesn’t work CTRL+V for paste so just copy the line from here with CTRL+C and then in the command prompt right click and then hit paste:

reg query “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Options\WebCal” /v Disable

2. If returned value is 1, it means the option is deactivated so you cannot import the calendar; you will have to run the following command to enable it:

reg add “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Options\WebCal” /v Disable /t REG_DWORD  /d 0x0 /f

3. Restart Microsoft Office before trying to import again after doing the registry add.

Note: If the first registry query command returns a negative answer, it means that it’s unable to find the specified registry key or value. This could only happen because of 2 reasons: that you are not doing it well or you’re doing it on the wrong computer. As long as above errors exists, this key and value should exist too, the only difference will be the fact that the restriction (the disabled parameter in registry) can have a value of 1=enabled (means the option to import calendar is disabled) or 0=disabled (the option to import calendar is enabled). If “automatic” solution 1 didn’t work, please try solution 2 which is a manual way to do the same thing and you can check what actually went wrong, for example if the key does not exist or you didn’t use the full syntax or any other reason.

Solution 2 (manual approach):

  1. Open a Registry Editor by going to Start – Run and type “regedit” without the quotes.

  2. Navigate to the following registry key (select each corresponding plus for each key until you reach the needed key) HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software – Microsoft – Office – 12.0 – Outlook – Options – WebCal. Under this key, you should find a DWORD with name of “Disable” with a VALUE of 1 – if the WebCal is disabled, like you can see in below image.

You cannot use Internet Calendars - Registry Editor

  1. Double click this DWORD key to edit the value, and change the “1” to a “0”.

  2. Close Microsoft Outlook if you have it opened and start it again and by importing the .vcs or .ics file, it should work.

In case the key does not exist and you are getting the same error, you will have to create the registry keys, depending on what you lack. You should have all registry entries until “Options”, including it. If by any reason you lack WebCal you have to create it as a “New Key” under Options.

You cannot use Internet Calendars - New Key

This will be an empty key. Next, you will have to create on WebCal key the DWORD value with a name of “Disable” and a value of “0”. After you did this, you should see it as in below example and you must ignore the fact that I already created it while following the steps with red line and the “1” value I have in the picture, which means the Internet Calendar option to import is DISABLED for me. It should always be a “0” at value for the option to be enabled and the import to be successful.

You cannot use Internet Calendars - New DWORD Value

Note: This solution also applies to .ics files for iCalendars and the .vcs files when importing an Internet Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2007, in case you have the same error: “You cannot use Internet Calendars. Your system administrator has turned off the feature.”

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