In this post I will explain how you can achieve a glass text effect in Photoshop, like this one:

Glass text effect in Photoshop

Part 1: Photoshop glass text effect – Create the text


1. After opening Photoshop, create new document by going to File-New (fastest way: CTRL+N).

2. Fill in the background with any color you want, I used #b088c8.

3. On a new layer, write anything you want (fastest way: press CTRL+SHIFT+N to create new layer and then press “T” to enter in type tool mode). To make a new layer, the fastest way is by pressing “Shift+Ctrl+N”.

Photoshop glass text effect text
4. Select the text layer in the layers palette and then set the fill to 0%, like in the picture below:

Set fill in layers palette

Part 2: Photoshop glass text effect – Set properties


5. Next, go into the Layer Style window (fastest way: double click the layer with the text).

6. Make the next settings for the styles selected in the pictures:

Drop shadow properties

Inner shadow properties

Inner glow properties

Bevel and emboss properties

Stroke properties

7. That’s it…and here is the glass text effect in Photoshop that you should achieve after completing all the steps.

Final glass text effect in Photoshop
Of course, you can always play with the settings and make your text look different. For example, try to change the blend mode to vivid light at the Inner Glow style or add an Outer Glow to make it more shiny.

If you would like to make a button with the same effect, just draw a shape on a new layer, copy the layer style from the text layer by right clicking on it and hit “copy layer style”. Then select the button layer, right click on it and hit “paste layer style”. The result should be a button with the same glass effect. This solution is to prevent repeating all the steps giving you the possibility to gain more time when you are in a hurry. You can also apply this effect to a menu or other elements on your webpage.

Glass button effect

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