We’ve made a corporate free banner set for you to download and customize to your liking.

free banner set

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The logo and picture are smart objects so you can easily replace them with yours by following these simple steps:

1- open the .psd file of the banner size you want to edit

2 – double click on the picture or logo layer

3 – delete the existing picture/logo

4 – go to File -> Place and select the picture you want to insert, hit Place

5 – click save, the banner will now have the picture you want

To change colors for all the elements:

1 – open the .psd file of the banner size you want to edit

2 – select the layer you want to change its color

3 – right click on it and select Blending Options

4 – go to Color Overlay and choose the color you want and press OK

The fonts I used are free and you can get them from here:






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