In the past few days I’ve been noticing something strange and without explanation about some of the people I provide support for. It wasn’t really something that would impair their ability to do their job but the thing is that a lot of businesses have support and contact on Facebook so even if you don’t usually use it, others will and it might force you to use it too.

The problem happened both in Chrome/Firefox on the same computer but the strange thing is that the problem didn’t appear on other profiles. For example User1 on PC1 could see FB as it should, while User2 logged on the same computer PC1 couldn’t see FB displayed correctly. The user could see only the text and some html boxes to input data, for example the login screen, only text with no images. For a while and because it had such a weird behavior, I thought the cause might be the profile of the user so I tried to re-create it by renaming the old one and logging in with the same username. Surprise, the same thing happened even on a new profile. I decided to take a different approach and I reinstalled Firefox/Chrome/Flash Player Plugin and ActiveX/Shockwave. I even went so far to think that some resources might be affected by some weird software like Java or dotnetfx. I tried with a clean reinstallation of all of them, newer/older versions because I had no other clue. I also tried a System Restore for previous dates when it worked.

In the end, after a lot of time wasted on this crappy issue, I finally found a workaround which will fix your problem but who knows for how long until you will have to reapply it again because I still don’t really know why this happens or what exactly happens, I only assume some facts based on what seems to fix it.

Solution for Facebook not loading properly:


Take each browser at a time and clean every single little thing in history since “the beginning”.

I won’t cover IE, I will assume you use Firefox or Chrome, if you have them both it is very important to do this for both of them.

While you have Firefox/Chrome browsers open use the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE to get to the history cache (you can also navigate there by using the buttons in tools if you can’t use the keys shortcut for whatever reasons). You will have to make sure all the checkboxes in there are marked (forms, passwords, website prefs, ETC) and time range should be EVERYTHING, from the “beginning of time”. As soon as you do this, close Firefox/Chrome/browsers.

Now you should do a CCleaner scan. In most cases, this step can also be done with Disk Cleanup Win Tool (Accessories – System Tools – Disk Cleanup) but I would recommend CCleaner. When you open CCleaner, it will ask for scan of persistent logins to be kept. It would be best if you click No. You will lose your saved login data but it is better in order to fix the problem and make sure nothing gets left behind. For CCleaner, use the first section on the left (Cleaner) not the registry or anything else. This will check left overs and cache files left behind. Use analyze option and when it ends and reports the findings, use “Run Cleaner” option to remove them.

Facebook not loading properly - ccleaner

Now you are ready for the last step which is to open a command prompt terminal window by going to start – run and typing “cmd” without the quotes. Press enter. A command line should open and you will have to type the following command EXACTLY AS STATED HERE WITH THE SPACE BEFORE THE SLASH:

Ipconfig /flushdns

Now press enter. You will get a report that looks something like below message:

Windows IP Configuration

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

As soon as this is done, you can open your favorite browser (this is the browser you’ve done the cleanup for at step 1 if you didn’t have multiple) and try FB. It should work.

Two more IMPORTANT things to mention:

  1. All these should be done on the user profile that cannot access the page. If it is a home PC don’t change user to administrator or to another user. In most cases, everything should work without additional rights than a normal user has. All these cleanups must be done on the user that faced the problem when logged on to Windows on his favorite Internet browser.
  2. It won’t fix the issue for all of you, but it should for most. For now this is the only thing that worked for a big number of users (ALL that have reported it). I went into a lot of advanced troubleshooting even checking logs, trying system restores and profile renewal for a problem that looks pretty dumb. Until we have more info about it, I hope the solution I provided here will work for you too.
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