When you get the error message: “Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000015). The device is not ready.”, it probably means that you don’t have a vital service running on your computer. The name of this service is Windows Image Acquisition (WIA).

The thing is that this service has a few dependencies so before you start it, you might need to verify and start, if needed, a few other services.

There is a list of 5 final services that you will have to start running in order to be able to use that function.

Solution for error 0x00000015:

So navigate to Start – Run and type in “services.msc” without the quotes and confirm with enter. A new window will open.

In here, you will have to check the following four services, double click on each one of them and set a startup type of “automatic” and click the Start button to make them run:

1. Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

2. DCOM Server Process Launcher

3. RPC Endpoint Mapper

4. Shell Hardware Detection

After you have all of these verified and running you can go and check for the last service: Windows Image Acquisition (WIA). Set it to automatic, click the Start button and reboot your computer. And now you should be able to use the scan function again.

In most cases, WIA can’t start automatically because Shell Hardware Detection is disabled by policies or scripts and that’s why the scanning operation cannot be completed. Shell Hardware Detection provides automatic functions for media devices and storage devices and that’s why you will find it disabled in some environments due to security risks. There is a very famous virus known as the autoplay virus which can run and infest your computer with the help of this service.

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