Computer questionsCategory: System AdministrationHow to access BIOS when nothing works?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago


My problem is that no matter what key I press nothing happens and the only thing that works is F8 for safe mode or Windows in normal mode.

Do you have any idea how to access bios given the situation?

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bitpsychobyte Staff answered 4 years ago

It might happen from time to time to press the assigned key to enter BIOS and nothing happens.
I will assume you already searched the model of your workstation/laptop on the web to make sure you are pressing the correct key in order to enter BIOS. Most of the times it should work with F1,F2,F10 or Delete(Del). Sometimes in order to make sure I get the right one I press them all with small delays between them.
If it still doesn’t work, it seems you have to reset the BIOS in order to be able to access it again. This can be done by removing the BIOS battery or switching the BIOS pin on your motherboard. Here you can find out how you can do that:
After BIOS reset you should be able to use the default key for entering BIOS according to your BIOS type and machine type. Once again, consult the web in case you don’t know the actual key to enter BIOS.

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