Computer questionsCategory: General QuestionsHow to fix Wikipedia website downloading a file?
Rick asked 4 years ago

The browser downloads a file called sometimes DOWNLOAD without an explicit extension/known format.

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bitpsychobyte Staff answered 4 years ago

Open a new tab and type in about:config – navigate further with “I’ll be careful” confirmation and find a setting called network.http.spdy.enabled and set it to disabled (double click it with your left button to change the value) as you can see below.
firefox wikipedia
Close the browser, try again, should work.
Depending on your needs there are multiple ways.
One is to create a shortcut (or use an existing shortcut to Chrome) right click it and properties check the target field and add the following to the existing line –use-spdy=off
You should have the path to the exe between double quotes, a space and the parameter above to look like below:
chrome wikipedia
Confirm with apply and ok, close any chrome instance you might have running, start it again and it should work.
The other way is to run the following code in a new tab/page:
This should open a page where you can search (ctrl+f) SPDY and click on disable.

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