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License key check failed. Rational Software Development Platform

I ran into an annoying error today, one that doesn’t show its face very often and you will probably see it once or twice in a lifetime if working in an environment that uses Rational Software Development and also if you provide support for a team or company that is using it. The error “The License key check failed” will appear after a while or in some cases even suddenly after the activation and mostly (but not always) after performing an activation process that will result in installing a permanent activation key. Depending on what version you are using...

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Cannot detect USB flash drive or an external hard disk drive

I won’t guarantee this applies to each and every similar situation and as you will notice, it might not work for some of you. The behavior is so strange that it took me a while to find a solution without doing something more radical. What I’m trying to say is that even if it seems it also represent your issue, it might not fix your problem and the even worse part is that I can’t give you much details on what happens or even some logs to match facts as I couldn’t record any and it was more like...

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The terminal services service on local computer started and then stopped

As a follow up from an older article in which I showed you how to enable Remote Desktop manually or via script, you can now go ahead and read about a policy which might prevent a vital service for RDP called Terminal Services. The older article can be found here: and it’s about how to enable Remote Desktop with basic Windows XP settings if the computer is newly installed or hasn’t been tampered with, especially with registry and policy settings. The error I’m talking about occurs when trying to access a computer by using Remote Desktop Protocol (Start –...

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Recover files from RAW storage media

First of all, let’s get a better idea on what RAW data means and how do we know that we are dealing with this kind of data. RAW data refers to not formatted “unusable” disk space. This is the default space you will encounter on most newly acquired storage media types but it can also be found on devices that become corrupted due to misuse or broken because of software failure, physical shock, virus attack or incorrect use. IMPORTANT: Don’t perform any action on the storage media device that you are trying to recover data from, including restoring files...

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Make COM Ports available for software that reads them as protected

When you connect devices to a computer using COM physical ports or USB ports (depending on the device connected) they get a COM port number assigned that you can see in your device manager, under “Ports” section. The thing you should keep in mind is that under this section you can only see the ports that are currently in use. I won’t get into more details than needed like the devices that you can connect because this is not the purpose of this article. This and many more things regarding COM/USB/LPT ports will be covered in a future article...

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