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XMing process does not start

One thing to check in case you will ever find yourself in such a situation where you are trying to start XMing process and nothing happens is the log file. It seems you will have to check this log file and verify the permissions, especially if the user who is trying to start the XMing.exe process has rights to WRITE in the folder where the log file exists. On a Windows 7 machine, you can access the log file by going to C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Temp\Xming.0.log. Even if you see that the permissions look ok, if XMing.exe doesn’t launch and you don’t...

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How to reset BIOS?

This should be a very basic subject and probably most of you already know how to do this but just to make sure, I will cover it too. If you don’t have access to reset it from within BIOS menu, there are two ways to do it. I won’t cover resetting BIOS if you managed to enter to BIOS menu as that’s pretty obvious how to do it. We will focus on doing a BIOS reset when you don’t have access to it like for example if you don’t know/remember the password or if you can’t get inside BIOS...

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Cannot open popup window from Oracle application

I’ve encountered a strange problem these days when trying to troubleshoot an Oracle application issue, Internet is full of such errors but the traditional solutions never seem to work. The issue presents itself by a link or a button that you have to click at a certain time in order to continue to another step, but nothing opens when you do that. Depending on the Oracle application you are using, it might be an application that works with databases or an application you are using in order to check/process payments. Using Internet Explorer, you will notice that the option...

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Error performing inpage operation

As you may have noticed, this error message doesn’t help much in pointing out what is actually wrong with your storage media. Most likely, you will get this message when your storage media files get corrupted or the disk is malfunctioning. You have to know that this is a follow up to this article: because if you get the error message in question when you are trying to access an USB stick or an external disk drive then something went wrong during the previous use of this device. There is a slight chance that you won’t need to...

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Media device not found while installing audio driver

Sometimes, when you make a clean Windows XP installation with outdated updates like Service Pack 2 or even Service Pack 3, maybe even an older version of Windows XP and try to install the audio driver you will get an error like this one: “Media device not found” or this one: “Driver Installation Failed: Could not find Media device for this driver”. This is not the only scenario where you can meet the error. For example, it doesn’t have to be a fresh install of Windows, it can even be a broken driver of an older installed system and...

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