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Windows clock falls behind – Windows Time Service could not be started

You might notice one day that your windows clock falls behind, in most cases it will be a 2-3 minutes delay. This can happen due to a bad configuration or even a BIOS battery issue. For the BIOS battery, you should see the date/time problem before Windows loads or before the computer boots up with error messages related to date/time. For this, you will have to replace BIOS battery. Let’s say this is not the issue and you only have this problem in Windows, where the clock is set to either a local ntp server or to an Internet...

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Facebook not loading properly – Facebook displays only text

In the past few days I’ve been noticing something strange and without explanation about some of the people I provide support for. It wasn’t really something that would impair their ability to do their job but the thing is that a lot of businesses have support and contact on Facebook so even if you don’t usually use it, others will and it might force you to use it too. The problem happened both in Chrome/Firefox on the same computer but the strange thing is that the problem didn’t appear on other profiles. For example User1 on PC1 could see...

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Error 0x00000015. Scanner not working. The device is not ready.

When you get the error message: “Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000015). The device is not ready.”, it probably means that you don’t have a vital service running on your computer. The name of this service is Windows Image Acquisition (WIA). The thing is that this service has a few dependencies so before you start it, you might need to verify and start, if needed, a few other services. There is a list of 5 final services that you will have to start running in order to be able to use that function. Solution for error 0x00000015: So navigate to Start – Run...

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Fix splwow64.exe – Error when you open Office apps

A possible error message for this problem is: “The program can’t start because DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” You should know that the .dll file reported as being the culprit might be different in some reported cases, that’s why I didn’t mention any, but the error is in most of the cases the same and it can be fixed the same way. Other .DLLs that might be reported are: x2utilms.dll – x2utili6.dll – x2utili8.dll – etc., but it’s not the DLL who is actually causing this as you will see...

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