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Watermark in Word – Add watermark on certain pages, edit or remove it

Inserting watermark on pages or pictures is sometimes very useful, especially if you want to protect them against theft. When using for example, a certain logo or name of the owner, the watermark  informs the others that the documents are not to be copied or used without the consent of the owner or without giving them the credits. In this article I will explain how you can add a watermark in Word on documents and on a later article I will be focusing on pictures. Watermark is also useful when you want to categorize certain pages like drafts, samples and any other...

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Rounded rectangle with straight edges in Photoshop

To make it clear from the beginning, there are two ways to make a rounded rectangle with straight edges in Photoshop and I will present both of them so you may choose which one suits you best. Method 1 – Using Rounded Rectangle Tool 1. Activate the Rounded Rectangle Tool on the Toolbar or keep Shift pressed and then hit the U key till the wanted tool is activated. 2. If you want to setup a certain roundness to the shape, change the Radius on the Properties bar then draw the rectangle. 3. Select the Convert Point Tool and...

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Wrap text in Photoshop – How to wrap text around or inside a shape

The main idea of this tutorial is that to wrap text in Photoshop, either around or inside a shape, it only works if you have a vector shape that creates a path. For pictures, you will need to create a path so you can make the text follow it. Wrap text around a shape 1. Let’s start by drawing a shape. You can draw it yourself with the Pen Tool or use one already made by selecting Custom Shape Tool from the Toolbar or keep Shift pressed and hit U several times until you see the Custom Shape Tool activated. 2....

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Resize image in Photoshop proportionally and at specific dimensions

To better understand what I want to explain in this article, imagine that you have to make a photo gallery in which all the thumbnails should have the same dimensions, for example 400 pixels width and 300 pixels height. You could use the Automated Web Photo Gallery but it will generate its own HTML or Flash content and maybe you don’t want that.  Keep in mind that you must maintain image quality so resize image proportionally it’s the best solution. Resize image in Photoshop proportionally 1. Open the picture in Photoshop, fastest way: CTRL+O. 2. Double-click on the layer...

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Yahoo messenger status on website or blog

Some of you might want to be contacted online so you can chat with your clients and visitors, thus making the communication much easier. But how can you make people see whether you are online or not so they don’t get the wrong idea if you don’t reply to them? Simple…just add a yahoo messenger status image on your website or blog that allows them to see if you are online and to start chatting with you just by clicking on it. Yahoo messenger status on website To add the status to your website, first you need to open...

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