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Free banner set with Photoshop files

We’ve made a corporate free banner set for you to download and customize to your liking. Download Now The logo and picture are smart objects so you can easily replace them with yours by following these simple steps: 1- open the .psd file of the banner size you want to edit 2 – double click on the picture or logo layer 3 – delete the existing picture/logo 4 – go to File -> Place and select the picture you want to insert, hit Place 5 – click save, the banner will now have the picture you want To change colors for all the elements: 1 –...

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Banner design – How to make a web banner in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how you can make a simple banner design in Photoshop CC. This is how my banner will look like in the end: First thing to do is to open a new document in Photoshop by going to File – New or just press CTRL+N. Choose Web from Document Type. I made my document 300 width and 250 height, which is a standard web banner ad size. Click OK. To get rid of the Artboard just right click on its layer and select Ungroup Artboards, like in the picture. You will be left with...

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Clipping mask in Photoshop – How to place an image in text or shape

Clipping mask in Photoshop is the fastest and easiest way to show a part of an image through a shape or a text with just a few clicks. Let’s say you have the word “Nature” and you want to fill it with a nice image. Follow the next steps: 1. Activate the Horizontal Type Tool on the Toolbar or press T, click on the canvas and write the word. To terminate the action, either press CTRL+Enter or click on the check mark on the Properties bar, also named Commit. 2. To center your text on the page, activate the...

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Make table of contents in Word using heading styles

When you have a rather big document with chapters and sub-chapters I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste time by making a big table of contents manually. So to make it easier for you I will show you how to make table of contents in Word in an automatic way and also how to update it with just two clicks. First thing you need to know is that to make Table of Contents you have to use Heading styles for your titles and subtitles. If you haven’t used them already, no works with regular text too and I will show you that...

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Create watermark in Power Point with logo and name

Some of you might want to create watermark with the logo of your company or website and its name so you can inform the others about the real owner who has full rights over some documents or pictures. Since not all of you have Photoshop installed or other similar program, I thought it would be useful to show you how you can create watermark image in Power Point so you can easily insert it on pages, in Word for example. Create watermark 1. Open Power Point. It will automatically display a slide with title and subtitle. To select both...

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