License key check failed. Rational Software Development Platform

I ran into an annoying error today, one that doesn’t show its face very often and you will probably see it once or twice in a lifetime if working in an environment that uses Rational Software Development

Cannot detect USB flash drive or an external hard disk drive

I won’t guarantee this applies to each and every similar situation and as you will notice, it might not work for some of you. The behavior is so strange that it took me a while to find

The terminal services service on local computer started and then stopped

As a follow up from an older article in which I showed you how to enable Remote Desktop manually or via script, you can now go ahead and read about a policy which might prevent a vital

Recover files from RAW storage media

First of all, let’s get a better idea on what RAW data means and how do we know that we are dealing with this kind of data. RAW data refers to not formatted “unusable” disk space. This

Make COM Ports available for software that reads them as protected

When you connect devices to a computer using COM physical ports or USB ports (depending on the device connected) they get a COM port number assigned that you can see in your device manager, under “Ports” section.

Error 5000 – Processing is in motion. This function cannot be executed.

The message – Error 5000 : Processing is in motion. This function cannot be executed – indicates that the action you are trying to finish, in most cases changing something in printer configuration and trying to save/submit

Word spell check not working – Word and Outlook 2007 spell check not working

The issue of – Word spell check not working – doesn’t have enough documentation or case studies as it can happen on a daily basis, a few times a day or permanent. The way it acts is

Lenovo battery not installed – Solution to Lenovo laptop error

Battery not installed is an older error that I’ve met for the first time one year ago and recently I ran into it again. I even forgot for a second what the issue was and how I’ve

Turn off Printer notification balloon in the Windows System Tray

A very annoying thing that happens by default each time you print something (document, office suite files) is this printer notification balloon in the Windows System Tray. Its purpose is to inform you on the current documents sent

Mozilla Firefox crash – Mozilla Firefox not responding to commands

A few months ago I’ve encountered a strange behavior when Mozilla Firefox suddenly started to crash. In other words, I start it, try to do any action, like navigating to properties so I can change a setting, for example